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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on September 19, 2007

Every day (or every second day dependent on mood and how hard David Kirsch has worked us) we’ll post a selection of cool bits from the international interweb. Music, films, television, gossip, cheeky or funny stuff, all sorts of wonderful, magical pieces of online pixiedust (Links-e-dust… hmmm?) and you can gobble them up and enjoy all this crazy, new fangled invention has to offer us.


24 has saved a life in a way that The Fray could never have thought possible…

The AV Club discusses a new tour with Slash and makes a case for 1997 being the new 1967 which seems quite reasonable.

PopMatters gets to grips with Talib Kweli and his tough subjects…

The amazing Deerhoof are not only a band of mental Japanese Americans, they also want you to have some of their music for free.

Slate discusses the allure of modern electronic music and casts Portland as a new indie rock mecca…

Todd Phillips discusses his first movie about true shock rocker GG Allin and Nikki Sixx talks about drugs and fear on SuicideGirls.

Caroline Sullivan stands in defence of the horror that is… PHIL COLLINS (shudder).

Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder squeeze their egos into one room for Time to discuss Penn’s new movie Into The Wild, Vedder’s soundtrack to said movie and do it all very, very earnestly.

Gutted you’re wearing the same tiny white identikit earphones as everyone else? Why not liven them up with an Emotibud for each ear? I have my eye on the ‘cranky’ ones…. they’re very me.




      If you haven’t bought it yet, the NME is streaming PJ Harvey’s fantastic new album White ChalkMuchMusic is streaming In Our Bedroom After The War by Stars and Foo Fighters’ Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace as well as some tracks from Dragonette’s Galore.


      Gossip Girl, the new TV show from the creators of The OC, premieres tonight in the US after a shortlived moment on iTunes. Check out the trailer / preview below…




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