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Could It Be M&S?

Posted in Beth, Fashion, Music by Beth Squires on September 20, 2007

take that

Once, between the ages of six and eleven, I was the world’s biggest Take That fan… then Robbie left and I went off them… next, they split. Ten years later, as a proper grown up, I look upon their comeback as genius!!! I’m totally buying into the nostalgia associated with having them back. It feels like the 90s again… except I don’t go to school anymore… and I have to pay taxes… hmm.
So when I heard they were modelling for my Mum’s favourite high street shop, M&S, I was a little thrown off balance. Yes they’re all a little older now… but once Jean-Paul Gaultier designed their tour outfits!! They’re a designer band, damnit! I calmed down eventually, and realised that I actually buy quite a few bits in M&S. Undies, basics, delicious food… and their Autograph range isn’t half bad at all. I love those aubergine tights with the grey sweater dress, recently in Harpers Bazaar…


So, I’m actually rather happy that, should I be having a bad day, I can pop into M&S and maybe see Barlow on a billboard, or switch the telly on and see Jason and Howard doing backflips in M&S clothes. Maybe I’ll be flicking through a magazine and see Mark in a sultry advert… they’ll be good photos at least – the ad campaign is being shot by Rankin. So yes, bring on the winter – in November I’ll see them in concert and before that I’ll see them in the high street… never a bad thing!



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