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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on September 20, 2007


So ‘On The Road’ has hit its fiftieth birthday and remains a slightly unreadable mess of total brilliance. The LA Times celebrates…

Heroes producer/director (prodector?) Greg Beeman discuss the buzz around his show coming back in his blog.

The AV Club talks to one director who went bad and one who has always been just, awful.

A very, very good gig indeed happened. Very good indeed.

Aversion has a nice review with ex-Delgados indie-pop chanteuse Emma Pollock about her pretty lovely solo record.

And apparently, Jay-Z has been ‘tempted’ out of not-really-retirement-at-all by Ridley Scott’s new film

Plus, the trailer for Southland Tales is now out there and, well, its completely mad in every right and wrong way you could imagine. Good luck, Rock. Enjoy…

Net-a-Porter has summed up the most lush bags this season… Sam, if you’re listening (and you should be) I want them ALL!

TV bible Television Without Pity has had a redesign…


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