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HSM2: I (Unapologetically) Heart Disney!

Posted in Beth, Movies, TV by Beth Squires on September 21, 2007

So, tonight was the UK premiere of High School Musical 2 on the Disney Channel! If you can’t tell, I can barely contain my joy that the rest of the UK finally got to view this cheesy, unpologetically moral, all singing, all dancing spectacular!

In this installment most of the gang are working at a country club over the summer, and queen bitch (with a nice side) Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale – so gleefully off her head) is determined to get her claws into Troy (Zac Efron… who wouldn’t?) who is going out with so-innocent-she-only-let-him-kiss-her-on-the-cheek-in-the-first-movie (phew) Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens – naked pics of whom are disturbingly now all over the net). Meanwhile there’s also the outrageously camp Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), sports-mad Chad (Corbin Bleu) and also Taylor (Monique Coleman), who constantly seems to want to split Troy and Gabriella up… hmm, maybe she wants Troy too.

Everything is ridiculously suitable for children, although when I watched it with my housemates we were amazed and amused by the almost constant homo-erotic references. There’s a beautiful duet I Gotta Go My Own Way, my favourite since Kylie & Jason’s Especially For You, the amazingly camp Bet On It ( or ‘let’s put a camera on Zac Efron and let him flail around in lieu of any actual choreography’) which has gained multiple piss-takes on the web since its American showing, and Work It Out is the best work-related song since Whistle While You Work. (Check out all these songs and more on YouTube…)

There’s also some rather bizarre moments, which partly can be accounted for by Disney’s decision to let fans decide some elements of the movie that are completely off topic (What skateboarding trick should Troy offer to show Gabriella? Vote Now!), and also by asking Efron and Bleu to improvise their way across the kitchen – resulting in some strange British accents and skipping. But it’s the madness that I also love.

This second movie is very different to the first, which had a mysterious awkward charm pouring out of it. This one has a bigger budget, the leads have all been preened to perfection and it’s clear they’re all a little more comfortable and confident than before – the colours are brighter, Efron is no longer dubbed and is allowed his rather deep singing voice (in the first his vocals were performed by the pre-balls-dropping sound of Drew Seeley), and Tisdale has halved her body weight. But as a couple of kids movies, they’re fun.

Okay, so it might not be the height of cool to admit you love a Disney made-for-TV movie series, but give me singing, dancing, Zac Efron and a nice tied up happy ending and I’m one smiley girl! (PS: If this video doesn’t make you smile you have no heart!!)



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