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Stuart: A Life Backwards

Posted in Sam, TV by Sam Unsted on September 21, 2007

Stuart A Life Backwards

Now, to preface this, I have literally just starting reading the book on which this TV show is based so I am no expert on what will or won’t happen. From the first fifty pages though, I can tell you that it promises to be quite an experience.

The book is the biography of Stuart Shorter, an “ex-homeless, ex-junkie psychopath” who spurred an interest from Alexander Masters, a former-homeless charity worker. It won the Guardian First Book Award in 2005 and now the BBC has taken in upon themselves to give it the world in telly form. The first fifty pages, as I say point towards a harrowing, funny, moving tale to come and my partner in all things crime on this site loves it so much she may well have beaten me with reeds had I not begun reading it before the show.

It’s going to star Tom Hardy, a crush object for the Beth, and does indeed look pretty marvellous. I’ve not seen clips, I’ve read good things, yet I feel qualified to make all and sundry watch the programme on Sunday night on BBC 2. Plus, the guy playing masters is called Benedict Cumberbatch. You need to see it.

Plus, you can read a blog from Alexander Masters discussing the writing process for the adaption on the Guardian here.

Stuart: A Life Backwards on BBC 2, Sunday 23rd September @ 9pm


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  1. imtheotherdave said, on September 27, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    Great blog, glad I stumbled upon it. The drama was exceptional, it certainly disarmed me of my petulant cynicism. “This is just middle class, BBC bilge. This is a Disney version of life’s harsh realities.” What an idiot I was during the first twenty minutes. Quite a memorable watch. How does the original book compare?

  2. Beth said, on September 27, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Thanks Dave! It really was superb, I was blown away. And so happy as the book had a massive impact on me and I was desperate to see justice done to the true story. I have to say I thought it would all be okay when I heard Tom Hardy was involved – very underrated Brit actor.

    I was surprised by how much they managed to fit in, but obviously the book colours in a few sections that were glossed over. I’d highly recommend giving it a read.

    I posted some afterthoughts on my blog here – http://eternallyoptimistic.vox.com/library/post/stuart-a-life-backwards-1.html
    So feel free to check that out, there’s also a couple of links to some interesting things relating to it.

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