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Just Another Manic… Wednesday?

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on September 26, 2007

Get ready for the links…

So the whole High School Musical thing has gone to someone’s head.

We get a look at the potential Oscar winners for this year.

Slate takes a look at which of the next, possible Presidents has the best website.

Suicide Girls talk to scuzz-drone biker band The Black Angels.

Guardian Unlimited blogger David Cox has opened a whole can of worms with his Feminism’s Rape Fallacy blog today by comparing women to houses, advising them to keep their ‘valuables out of sight’ and generally not get into any situations where they can relax around men. One response is here… I suspect many more will be added across the web.

Also at The Guardian, six women discuss the first books that got them into learning about Women’s History.

Slate‘s loving our Michelle Ryan; from Eastenders to Bionic Woman… she’s doing good!

Amber Tamblyn is an American actress… she also has a pretty cool website. Check out her poetry and her blog…

Take That are back, with a song from the new film Stardust



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