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XOXO… Gossip Girl

Posted in Beth, TV by Beth Squires on September 28, 2007

Gossip Girl

So… Sam and I have started watching The OC creator Josh Schwartz’s new show Gossip Girl, which has begun airing in the US. And we think we like it.

Now, I like my glossy teen dramas with a little in-joke comedy on the side, a la The OC and the legendary comic stylings of Buffy. Gossip Girl’s humour hasn’t quite got going as yet, although this second episode did herald TWO laugh out loud moments. Which is a huge improvement on the pilot.

We’re still getting to grips with the shallow, bitchy world of Upper East Side highschoolers – the privileged peers of those we left in California; Seth, Summer et al. There’s even a pre-Sandy and Kirsten Cohen in Dan’s dad (ex-90s rocker) and Serena’s mum (posh uptight woman with a ‘past’)… The books that the series is based on are wonderfully caustic teen novels that I wish I had read when I was fourteen, but am secretly enjoying now, at 23, as ‘research’ to see if the series lives up to them. Evil Chuck (as I think I will be calling him, played by British Ed Westwick) is as evil as in the books, and very unlikeable indeed… which is true to the text, but as he’s very present in the series it may be time (already) to start showing a little context to his hideousness. Also, rich boy Nate (Chace Crawford) is so bland, he’s beige… like The OC’s Luke was once, but he blossomed into a Rooney-loving (see clip below, ignore the subtitles), guitar-playing maniac after his Dad came out and I grew to love him so I’ll give Nate a little while.

Dan (Penn Badgeley) is the bumbling, charming, rather handsome underdog that I’m rooting for – he’s like a cross between The OC’s Ryan (less privileged, fish out of water) and Seth (awkward, funny) which is always a good thing. At times Blair (Leighton Meester) looks eerily like Summer (Rachel Bilson in The OC), and Blake Lively’s Serena is the oldest-looking teenager since Dawson’s Creek, despite the fact the actress was born in ’87.

So those are my current thoughts – I’m giving this a major chance, as I bypassed the entirety of season one of The OC due to thinking it was too glossy and the boys were too unattractive to be with the girls. Time and familiarity changed my opinion there, so I’ll let this one attempt to grow on me too…

I’m also trying Heroes again, after the dialogue and a couple of the characters got a little too grating for my liking during the first season. The finale was a big payoff though, so I’ll be persisting with the second season over the coming months… Also in my ‘to-watch’ queue is the first episode of Season 4 of The Office (US version) which I can’t wait for!

Although I have to. Because we’re all watching it together in the house. And my housemate is out. DAMN YOU JOHN! So Sunday will see the return of that for me…

(Pictured – Blair, Dan, Serena’s Mum (Kirsten Cohen-alike), Serena (lounging…). Nate, Evil Chuck, Jenny (Dan’s sister), Dan’s Dad (Sandy Cohen-alike).)


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