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TV: 01/10 -07/10

Posted in Beth, Sam, TV by Beth Squires on September 30, 2007


Following on from last week’s Recharge post, here’s our picks of the best shows on TV this week starting with the Bethmeister…

The Life & Times of Vivienne Vyle, Thursday 9pm, BBC2

Jennifer Saunders (who I generally enjoy) stars as a talkshow host planning to retire after a series of mishaps but lured back by superb viewer ratings. Vivienne Vyle… Jeremy Kyle… hmm. Should be fun, especially with talkshow titles like; ‘I want a vagina, but can’t kick the crack…’.

Hidden Palms, Thursday 9pm, Sky One

Gah, it’s The OC‘s crazy Oliver. And he’s had highlights! A dark teen series that lasted 8 episodes in the US. Which could mean its good! Or could mean it really, really isnt’!

And Sam, what does he think about this television for the week?

The Riches, Monday 10pm, Virgin 1

He of the monkeys on tables and trees Eddie Izzard joins Minnie Driver for Virgin One’s launch night in a comedy drama from US network FX. Izzard and Driver are a couple of grifters who decide to give up their travelling ways and live a normal life.

Heroes, Wednesday 9pm, BBC2

The entertaining if never truly great Heroes continues over here and Christopher Eccleston brings some need gravitas to proceedings as an invisible, surly gent who like pigeons.

But the question is, with both sterling heads put together, what do we insist you all watch this week?

Stephen Fry

Answer: Stephen Fry: HIV & Me, Tuesday 9pm, BBC2

If you saw Fry’s documentary on manic depression not so long ago, you’ll know why we’re making this a must see. His approachability and charisma push these programmes into the social conscious, and that can only be a good thing when he’s bringing attention to such important subjects. Stephen Fry is the gentle God of our times. All hail the Fry!!

If you’d also like a guilty weekend pleasure, then check out TMi on BBC2 at 9am on Saturday. Grab a cup of tea, a bagel or piece of toast, and check out the new Ant and Dec, Sam & Mark, being deeply silly. Even if you hate it, you’ll feel better about the day.


2 Responses

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  1. Steve Dowell said, on October 2, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    I am stunned that you omitted The Peter Serafinowicz Show from your tv highlights.

  2. Beth said, on October 6, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Sorry to stun you Steve! It was on the shortlist but never made it to the big league – still it’s a series, right? And we do weekly TV highlights so keep checking back to see if it makes the grade. Loved that link you posted, still giggling. B
    PS Hope you’re well – it’s been ages!

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