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Posted in Sam, TV by Sam Unsted on October 4, 2007

A little rundown for those of you with torrented-minds of which seven (for seven is the real lucky number, friends) shows in the US, four brand new three returning, you should check out or download or whatever.


1. Pushing Daisies

Deeply whimsical slice of skewed, black comedy. Stars Lee Pace (of little-known but again charming Wonderfalls) and Anna Friel being very sweet indeed. Basically, Pace brings death to those he touches but can give life back to them, only at the cost of another. It got great reviews, dragged in huge first night figures and mostly is well worth your time. Whether the whimsy will hold up, who knows. Right now, its cutesiness is eminently charming.

2. The Bionic Woman

Woman has car crash, boyfriends saves her by giving her state-of-art limbs, now rebellious worker for possibly-governmental agency. Not loved across the board but our very own Michelle Ryan plays the eponymous super-girl and she great. Also boasts Battlestar Galactica-alum Katee Sackhoff and a kind of Alias-ish vibe. Promising.

3. Reaper

A young lad hits his eighteenth birthday to find out is parents sold his soul to the devil. Yet to witness the second episode of this but it’s alleged to get very good, very soon. The first episode was okay if creaky in places but this could be one to watch if they nail the premise.


4. Chuck

Nerdy, if somewhat charming and attractive, tech worker gets sent email from FBI friend with all government secrets on and now, they want to get him. Charming show if still trying to find its feet at the moment, a solid third episode will make all the difference. Plus, Josh ‘The OC’ Schwartz is behind it and his shows always take a little time to get going. Have faith, I think this one’s gonna be a winner.

5. The Office

I still don’t believe I love this show as much as I do. It hasn’t quite surpassed the genius of Gervais but it’s carved out its own niche. This is its own show now and is of such a consistently high level of quality, you cannot fail but be swept along. Plus, there are four hour long episodes to kick off the year. Awesome.

6. Dexter

Along with Brotherhood, Californication and Weeds, Showtime now has a sterling line up to rival HBO. This pitch black comedy is the most celebrated and rightly so. Michael C Hall is creepy and still in the lead role, never showy and always charming. How you make a serial killer charming, I couldn’t tell you. The first couple of episodes of the new season set out the stall well and this should become a must-watch for all around.

7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Barring The Office, this is hands-down the best comedy on TV. Semi-improvised, astonishingly mean-spirited and ball-achingly funny, this, to use a hideous but right now solid phrase, is Seinfeld-on-crack. The four leads, including the superlative and getting-even-better this year Kaitlin Olsen, is just perfect and if you haven’t discovered it, this is a must watch.



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