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What’s Link Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 5, 2007


Bumper edition as the weekend is upon us. How exciting, huh? I bet you’re excited.

Slate reviews My Kid Could Paint That, a documentary asking just how good is Jackson Pollock compared to say, a 4-year old.

Marina Hyde, a Guardian, gives notes on what John Rambo thinks about Burma.

Maybe, just maybe, Joss Whedon’s going to get another chance.

According to The Onion, something beautiful has happened in the world of politics.

PopMatters pays tribute to one of the great California burnout records and takes some cues from a new box set to deliver a guide to Heavy Metal.

Stylus offers advice to budding talents on how to make records better.

Kevin Drew, of Broken Social Scene, offers up songs and old which tickle the good parts of his ears on Pitchfork.

Amy Millan, of slightly-associated-to-Broken Social Scene-indie lovelies Stars, is among those discussing gender issues with Tiny Mix Tapes.

The battle of the reality shows begins again. I’m all about the X Factor. Plus, also from The Times, is this interview with Linda Thompson.

Sweet new show Pushing Daisies has comic book. And, yes, it’s quite sweet.

There are trailers out for Be Kind Rewind, No Country For Old Men and Sweeney Todd at Apple and Yahoo respectively.

Rolling Stone pits Guitar Hero and Rock Band against each other.

A really old link from back in February on 20 Comics To Change Your Life on Nerve.

It appears HBO is starting to lose it a little bit, although its two new commissions sound like they may have potential.

The Independent LOVES Control. So does The Telegraph.

Van Halen are back. With Roth. Awesome. The New York Times was there.

Rudy Guiliani is topping the fund raising for the Republicans.

Phew, that’s it. Have a lovely weekend!!


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