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Gimme More… Okay, something… No? Anything?

Posted in Beth, Music by Beth Squires on October 6, 2007

Yep, so this is what we were all waiting for (click the link below the picture…). It’s Britney’s post-possible-redeeming-comeback, possibly redeeming comeback.

One question; who had the bright idea to have her pole dancing in her new video? When she’s evidently lost the will to live and is so shy and unconfident that she should really be heading back to the bosom of her family fairly sharpish rather than attempting to writhe around onscreen.



Britney Spears – Gimme More (Official Music Video)

It’s so easy to take potshots at Brit these days that I’m starting to feel rather uncomfortable doing it, especially after seeing a particularly unsavoury one on Perez… although it was on Perez so what can you expect?! So just watch and enjoy, and if you’d like to turn it into a drinking game then perhaps take a shot each time they’ve attempted to CGI an element of old Britney back into a frame.

NB: This is the director’s cut, okay? Apparently a whole other one is going to be released soon… brilliant?!


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