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TV – 08/10 – 14/10

Posted in Beth, Sam, TV by Beth Squires on October 7, 2007


First off a shout out to something that’s on tonight – Louis Theroux: Under The Knife is on at 9pm on BBC 2 and should be an interesting look at plastic surgery… I can’t believe he went and got liposuction himself thought. It’s a little insane…

Anyway, here’s Beth’s choices for the upcoming week:

The second part of Stephen Fry: HIV and Me Tuesday, 9pm, BBC2, should be as good as the first part. He takes in a trip to Uganda to find out about the many issues that are making the battle with the disease so hard over there. I’d read or watch or listen to everything he has to say…

Skins, Tuesday, 10pm, Channel4.

This episode is a fantastic end to the first series of the best British show for teenagers on telly. The distinctly annoying Tony finally gets the comeuppance he’s deserved throughout the entire series, Sid and Cassie are adorable, and the musical number right at the end is BRILLIANT! See it here if you can’t wait…

Sam thinks:

Californication, Thursday, 10pm, Five

Channel Five continues its tradition of purchasing decent if unspectacular US imports with this sex-dramedy starring David Duchovny. From the eight episodes I’ve already seen, it’s never heartstopping stuff but its consistently watchable, very funny and, at times, quite sweet. Kudos too for making Natasha McElhone less annoying than she normally is. Be warned though, the first episode will not make you fall in love.

30 Rock, Thursday, 10.45pm, Five

SNL-alum Tiny Fey, who wrote Mean Girls, creates a succinct comedy about a comedy show. It takes some time to find it’s feet but its all propelled during the tough times by Alec Baldwin’s titanic performance as Jack Donaghy, the new station boss.

Emmylou Harris Night, Friday, from 8pm, BBC4

A niche one really but if you love to hear countrified, crystalline beauty in song, check out this night worth of performances. The stuff from the 90s should be most interesting, when she worked with U2-associate Daniel Lanois and produced some breathtaking, career-topping music. Sample her on YouTube to for a taster before the main event.

Also deemed worthy of recommendation:

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe 10pm, BBC4 – anger, sarcasm, piss-taking and bile, always funny. Check out some of his latest columns here.

Give The Sarah Silverman Programme 9pm, Paramount Comedy a try and see if her humour hits your giggle button, there’s songs!

P.S. If you’re still watching and loving Ugly Betty then check out this interview with Michael Urie and Becki Newton (aka Marc and Amanda) as they play up to their on-screen alter-egos…


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