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Link Me Up, Before You Go Go

Posted in Beth, Links by Beth Squires on October 12, 2007

Hey, I’m not well today so I have a little morning time to tell you what’s going on in the world…

Buffy Musical Ep

Can’t wait ’til Hairspray comes out on DVD in November? Why not dress up as one of the characters at Halloween?! Lovely Whitney tries out the looks at PopCandy

The AV Club takes a look at how the American fall TV season is turning out. I’m loving Pushing Daisies, The Office and Chuck, Gossip Girl is getting marginally better each episode, Dirty Sexy Money is intriguing, Heroes is a little weird right now, and Sam’s also watching Reaper, Bionic Woman and Californication.

British writer Doris Lessing won the Nobel Literature Prize – “that epicist of the female experience, who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny”

Gary Barlow’s wife Dawn will be giving Take That bandmate Howard Donald a nightly lapdance wearing next to nothing for the next few months whilst thousands watch. The press are loving it here, here and here

What are you going to see this weekend? Screenjabber recommends Ratatouille and The Counterfeiters. Ratatouille‘s brilliant, gives you that perky Pixar feeling afterwards, so I’ll try and get to see The Counterfeiters soon.

Simon Pegg is tipped to be playing Star Trek’s Scotty against Chris Pine (Just My Luck… you know, the McFly film?) as Captain Kirk and Sylar from Heroes (Zachary ‘eyebrows’ Quinto) as Spock. Sorry guys, but this just isn’t my thing.

Fox has axed Buffy singalongs… protest! Immediately!

Rachel Bilson, her post-Brody beau Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Samuel L Jackson star in Jumper, check out the trailer below…


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