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You Just Got Linked!

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 12, 2007


See, no more Joy Division puns. It’s all Wham and Westwood now! Yeeeaahh boy!!

Much more importantly, and less embarassingly, The AV Club has its new Comic Panel up.

The Onion reports a total culinary disaster!

PopMatters completes its ride on TV DVDs with a fine selection including, finally, The Wire.

Stylus continues Radiohead week choosing the group’s best video.

TV 101 talks HBO ratings which show that John From Cincinnati really didn’t capture the HBO imagination.

The Guardian is a veritable feast of blogging articles today with one about homophobic music and one about Simon Pegg and Star Trek.

Britney Spears continues her march towards a comeback (I think it’s going quite well) with the release of the tracklisting for her new record. Best of all, ‘Get Naked (I Got A Plan)’.

The New York Times is, surprisingly enough, at the New York Film Festival which has the wonderful looking graphic novel-adaptation, Persepolis.

The Independent comes to the party very late indeed and praises the surging Canadian indie scene.

The Washington Post celebrates the return of the 70s thriller.


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