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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 14, 2007


Slate draws out the first volley of the Radiohead backlash.

Anna off of that OC programme is having a really bad day… she’s in rehab.

Salon waxes lyrical on Mad Men and waxes, well, not very favourably on Friday Night Lights.

The Independent gives a round up of quality recent crime fiction.

The Guardian has Sean O’Hagan lamenting the lack of Robert Wyatt-types and has a strong interview with Neil Gaiman.

The New York Times gives some props to Ben Affleck for his new movie Gone Baby Gone and interview The Office’s undersung Melora Hardin.

The Washington Post proposes a theory on how to work out when someone has truly sold out.

Big-eyed 21 year olds Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen talk about their new designer collection and future plans.

Beyonce is to challenge Google and Apple with… The B Phone!!

Gilmore Girls’ creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has cast SJP in her adaptation of The Late Bloomer’s Revolution for HBO Films.

Ron Howard and another Arrested Development alum are putting together a new show for Fox. Why Fox?????

The Times has an extract from Sudan-born supermodel Alek Wek’s new autobiography. Will be far more interesting than most…

Author Alice Sebold is interviewed by Robert McCrum in this weekends Observer.


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  1. Acha said, on May 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    A.L.E.K, what does that stand for? Black beauty.

  2. HEY THERE said, on May 27, 2010 at 4:50 am

    hi alek i really love your pictures can write to me in my email please thank.

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