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Never Gonna Link You Up

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 15, 2007


Hello! Happy Chocolate Week! Go on, stuff your faces while you look over these here links…

When comebacks go wrong. The AV Club investigates.

PopMatters talks with Debbie Harry, not so Blondie anymore.

Slate rips All-Bran a new one over their new advert and explores the myriad ways to break the law in the US.

Pitchfork interviews super-duper cronky (new word!) indie rock band Sunset Rubdown.

Menzies Campbell has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Meaning they could do okay now.

X Factor’s potential star (who can indeed sing and sung once with Take That so BACK OFF) Leona Lewis gets a lengthy profile in The Times.

Mel Smith warbles to The Telegraph about his role in the upcoming West End run of Hairspray.

Peter Bradshaw, one of those Guardian types, gives his ten movies to watch out for at the London Film Festival while Ben Myers laments the death of ‘indie’.

CBS’s fall season could have got weird with this necrophilia-loving zombie drama pilotBabylon Fields

Staying on the zombie theme… Andy Samberg punches a few people and then enjoys a Zombie Dance in this SNL Digital short co-starring Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.

This is a brilliant clip from the new series of The Office, ah, the things you do to pass the time


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