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U Can’t Touch This… Link

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 16, 2007


A late posting here as we’ve just been to see the Hairspray musical. ACE!

The AV Club does something unthinkable… praises Rod Stewart?!?

Slate alerts us to the threat of German Emo kids.

Entertainment Weekly takes a look at the new graphic novel from hirsuite lizard-worshipper Alan Moore.

Rate This Day reviews Dinosaurs, a plastic Carell and Iain M Banks.

E&L hero Karl Pilkington is the subject of an ode on The Guardian.

Irish author Anne Enright won the Booker Prize.

As previously mentioned Sam and I went to see Hairspray in the West End tonight… and it was fantastic. To get an idea of what goes into a production like this go to the official UK production website and watch the rehearsal videos!

Despite being painfully obvious to all who read the clues some people were still surprised that Esquire (US) voted this women their sexiest woman of 2007, as revealed last week…

Also… How much time does this dude have on his hands?

Final thought: Michael Ball is waaaay better than John Travolta (as Edna Turnblad anyway). I never thought I would say that…


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