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Don’t Stop Belinkin’!!

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 18, 2007


HAPPY 20th BDAY ZAC EFRON…  (hopefully this age change makes Beth’s crush a little less weird…) and now for some links…

According to uber-smiley orange gossip Ted Casablancas, Jake Gyllenhaal has a secret.

LA Weekly pays tribute to the somewhat overrated, and late, Lee Hazlewood.

Joe Klein opines on America’s loss of global influence as China takes the lead.

The New York Times has more on the Colbert run for the White House.

Both Afflecks talk to The Washington Post about Gone Baby Gone.

The Independent (not even The Daily Mail here) decides to jump on the anti-Facebook wagon.

The Onion obviously did this two days ago but you know what, it’s funny. So read it.

PopMatters kneels at the alter of salad-dressing, charity-givin’ King of Men, Paul Newman.

The Booker Prize nominees are, apparently, all to be free to read on this ol’ international interweb machine, according to The Times.

Slate exposes those law-breaking buggers, The Amish, and questions the future for iTunes.

Sufjan Stevens is planning a thiry-minute, seven movement piece. Praise be. (Thank you to PopCandy for that one)

Finally, the wonderful E&L hero, Cat Power, has decided on the tracklisting for ‘Jukebox’.


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