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Linkin’ For The Weekend

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on October 21, 2007


Ever wanted to see an Eqyptian Pyramid covered in multicoloured yarn? Sony Bravia are making your dream come true…

Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding disagree about arguing whilst talking to the Observer in the lead up to the third series of The Mighty Boosh.

Dreams can come true: Once she processing mortgages at Halifax, now Leanne Jones is the star of Hairspray in the West End.

So, if you haven’t heard; Dumbledore’s gay…

This advert shows the wind has feelings too, you know…

The readers of Slate gripe and grumble ’bout those movin’ pictures…

This, right here, is an awesome, money-sapping t-shirt site. As is this.

The Guardian looks at the fantasy-film craze and why the popscene is so devoid of dudes.

Swedish pop demon Robyn floats out of obscurity and into The Telegraph.

Ray Davies discusses life and probably some other stuff with The Times.

Allegedly, the ‘skunk’ the kids are taking could cause insania in the membrania.

Time is ringside for Family Guy vs. South Park. Round 2, bitches!

The New York Times does its thing and lauds the laziest filmmaker ever (if a great artist and mythmaker) and talks about nothing with Jerry Seinfeld.

BRITNEY WATCH: The world’s most insane rich person decides her lips ain’t big enough and does this. (Not that bad)

Oscar talk begins on USA Today, wishing our lives away like a supermarket looking to Christmas.

Also, just for those who know us, I’d like to place upon here a photo of my younger brother sporting a handlebar. Sometimes, the beholder is just plain blind.



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