Electricity & Lust


Posted in Music, Sam, TV by Sam Unsted on October 21, 2007


So X Factor. It’s not been good this year. Sure, the usual parade of British eccentrics trotted on down to the auditions and they were funny. But the atmosphere is different. Dannii Minogue is an idiot. She manages that astounding feat of being both arrogant and talentless. She knows and is worth nothing to my watching time. The rest of them too, with all the staged little fights and tantrums are getting tiresome.

Fortunately, Britain always has its saviour. This year, sculpted from the Aryan gods comes… THE RHYD!!! While his name is Rhydian, that matters not. This, ladies and gentlemen, beasts and harlots, is the real thing. Sure, he’s arrogant. Yeah, he’s pompous. He’s also the most entertaining thing on the show. The below rendition of Meatloaf’s ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’ is so shockingly insane that you are left wondering where anyone can go from here. More importantly, he blows the song out of the water because, on this form, you get the feeling THE RHYD!!! would probably do literally anything for love.

Take it away Dolph Lundgren-esque god…


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