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The Music Of The Link

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam Unsted on October 24, 2007


Marty and Leo are together again. On a movie set that is.

Slate reviews Dirty Sexy Money, which we are giving a second chance to.

Harp employs the voices of a number of luminaries to tell the story of The Replacements, maybe the greatest band ever. Maybe.

SuicideGirls talks to Debbie Harry, who will soon have her spirit inhabited by the B!!

New York Magazine talks to Omar and Bubbles from, officially, the greatest TV show of all time (according to Sammy), The Wire.

Who knew Boy Meets World‘s Topanga almost lost her virginity to N’Sync‘s out member Lance Bass?

Gwen Stefani is BEAUTIFUL!

We’ll take two tickets to Zac Efron’s gun show please…

There’s a fun new video showing rehearsals for Hairspray in the West End.

Who would win in a fight – a minotaur with a trident or a centaur with a crossbow? Ozzy Osbourne, George Clooney and Josh Hartnett are among the celebs mulling over this very question.


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