Electricity & Lust

Nightmare On Link Street

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on October 30, 2007


Pitchfork has a review of the soundtrack to I’m Not There, currently my most anticipated movie of the year.

The ‘Permanent Records’ feature on The AV Club doffs its stylish cap to one of Britain’s greatest ever bands.

Keeping on the music trip, PopMatters points you in the direction of supremely underrated whisper-rockers The For Carnation and has an interview with the increasingly talented art-folk semi-legend, Michael Gira.

The Onion takes it upon itself to raise awareness about the sneakiness of a ninja.

Stylus holds its annual haiku marathon.

Reclusive legend and something-of-a-genius Terrence Malick is to return with Heath Ledger and Sean Penn potentially in tow, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Slate staffer confess to the books they haven’t yet read.

BRITNEY WATCH!! It’s Halloween which, given her current state, is about the best time of year for her.

This is a bad idea. Trust me, no matter how good The Office is, this won’t work. Damn you, McG!!

The Guardian provides a lovely slice of record-buying nostalgia.

Marshall Herskovitz, creator of Beth-favourite My So-Called Life, talks to New York Magazine.


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