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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 2, 2007


While the pun is poor and Halloween is so over, it is apt as this will be a supersized chunky monkey of a links post to get you through our lack of posting on a Saturday. Enjoyacise!!

Harp talks to Band of Horses about the creation of their decent sophomore record, Cease to Begin.

Iron & Wine’s The Shepherd Dog is following the way of his previous works and becoming a slow-burn work of wonder. He talks to Incendiary.

One of my personal Jesi/Jesuses Craig Finn, of The Hold Steady, talks lyrics with The Stranger.

David Fincher is to adapt graphic novel The Killer.

Knight Rider has been confirmed, cast, suited and booted, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The AV Club takes a look at the screen view of the Afterlife.

The Onion reports a surprise for a narrator.

Dennis Wilson, the true great of The Beach Boys, is beautifully eulogised on PopMatters.

Stylus can’t help itself on the listmaking side of things, now giving its Top 50 Songs of the Year (to Halloween)

Another Jesusian of mine, Thurston Moore from the most Sonic of Youth, is on a video, on Pitchfork, on Jimmy Kimmel, performing. Solo by the way.

PopJustice has some very strange pictures of The Spice Girls.

Variety, has seen PT Anderson’s new movie, There Will Be Blood and decided to review it.

The cheeky chappies behind the sweet, funny little muffin that is Pushing Daisies speak to The Futon Critic.

AOL delivers a kick to the Maxim balls with a list of the eleven least attractive men currently out and about.

This is a week old, but this is a superlative article on Gossip Girl, paradoxically the best and worst show currently on television.

Entertainment Weekly runs down a strong list on SNL’s musical sketches. ‘Dick In A Box’ all the way.

Time gives some props to John Edwards.

The New Yorkers offers up a take on ‘Nude’ from Radiohead’s new one and gives probably the strongest review I’ve read yet of American Gangster.

I’m one down in our house X Factor sweepstake this year as Emily has dropped out due to some rather iffy video footage uploaded to YouTube. Still I have Hope and FutureProof… come on the bands!

Peter Paphides bemoans the difficulty of promoting the gorgeous McFly along with the band in this heartbreaking article.

And, last but not least, The Guardian‘s Hadley Freeman waxes lyrical about fashion’s new originality this winter.


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