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Invasion of the Body Linkers!!

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on November 4, 2007



Paula Radcliffe trained through her pregnancy to win the New York Marathon women’s race today.

The Guardian be hatin’ on actor-director hyphenated types.

ZEFRON WATCH!! Like Britney Watch, but you know, less stuff hanging out. Zefron using valet service here.

Place with the above, to compliment it’s aromas, HUDGE WATCH!! The squeaky teeny tiny is definitely on for HSM3.

The San Francisco Chronicle serves up a dish on Twin Peaksspanking new boxset edition. Ten discs of mind-bending detective fiction.

Salon knows that second is nowhere. Unfortunately, Oprah doesn’t believe you.

Aaron ‘West Wing’ Sorkin is going back to The Theatre. The New York Times discusses such a move with the man himself.

The Washington Post says Americans are a little down right now.

Check out The Independent’s list of the 101 greatest inventions. Notice one of them is not The Independent.

Just like us, The Observer freakin’ LOVED Hairspray in the West End!

Barack Obama checks into SNL. Probably not to cover ‘Dick In A Box’ though, huh? Time discusses.

Could Jeremy Kyle really not be the stand up guy he claims to be???? Shock. Horror.

I love that designer Roberto Cavalli went to a Halloween party as fellow designer Karl Lagerfeld


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  1. maria jose said, on August 7, 2009 at 1:06 am

    zac efron te amo

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