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I Heard It Through The Linkvine

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 5, 2007


This week’s ‘pun’ theme – Motown Songs (for literally no reason whatsoever other than we can and will).

NPR, left-wing radio’s beacon of good taste, has launched a dedicated music hub. On it is a blog from Carrie Brownstein from oh-so-much-more-than-riot-grrl-band Sleater Kinney and a selection of studio sessions this one from The Hold Steady.

The AV Club supplies yet another list, this time about the dangerous movie practice of adapting books and has an interview with Alice Sebold.

Who loves Robert Downey Jr? We do!! So here, for those who agree, is a pretty good trailer for Iron Man, courtesy of JoBlo.

PopMatters does the honorable thing and stands up for the Britmeister!!

PJ Harvey holds court with Pitchfork concerning her disarming use of piano.

Artrocker chats to The Young Knives about their upcoming album and being a little bit eccentric in a nice, very English way.

The New Yorker gets to see Battles in Hollywood.

Sylvester Stallone to remake Death Wish. Hmmm… Other news also from Entertainment Weekly.

In exciting reformed boyband news – Worlds Apart are back together… on French TV!!!! (No. I’m not mentioning B.O.Y.Z.O.N.E…. *shiver*)

In HUDGE / ZEFRON watch – we have a JOINT SIGHTING! Oh yes, we live for this – walking together…

Shia LeBeouf takes the cutest mugshot in the world… bless.


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