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I’m A Road Linker Baby!

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 8, 2007


The AV Club talks to former heroin addict, sometime bassist and now, person-what-looks-like-grandfather-of-The Crow, Nikki Sixx.

Pitchfork has a guest list from Thurston Moore.

Do we think Barack can do it? Slate investigates why, at current, he’s not.

Is My Bloody Valentine getting back together a good thing? The Guardian investigates the issue at hand.

Norwegian death metal bands your bag? Check this.

The New Yorker waxes lyrical(ish) on Britney’s Blackout (the album).

Meet our new hero – the paparazzi-fighting Dad of Vanessa Hudgens! Yeah!

Lily Allen is to present a new chatshow on BBC3; Lily Allen & Friends…

Tomorrow’s episode of Ugly Betty on Channel 4 features the show we went to see last night Wicked! So watch it at 9pm! There’s Henry and Betty in G(a)linda’s bubble…



And finally, Amy Winehouse’s home was raided by police this evening, as yet it’s not entirely clear what was going on…


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