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Linking You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 11, 2007


The AV Club thrown down another Comics Panel.

Salon compiles a superlative list of quotes celebrating the life and work of the sadly departed Norman Mailer.

Sasha Frere-Jones discusses musical goings-on at Starbucks.

Speaking of the ‘Bucks, Slate questions whether coffee shops are not showing the love to women.

PopMatters takes on a veritable glow in reviewing My So-Called Life.

The Observer Music Monthly runs down the top ten dangerous musical performers. (No place for East 17 – I swear they woz proper ‘ard)

LA Weekly talks to harpist and genius Joanna Newsom.

Mark Cuban continues to give people reasons to go and see Redacted.

David Lynch favourites Au Revoir Simone play a session for Daytrotter.

E&L favourite Ed Helms talks to the Boston Herald.

Daniel Day-Lewis talks westerns with The New York Times and is then profiled.

A secret meeting has taken place about an upcoming movie. See what it could be why don’t ya?

(Picture at head courtesy of Yahoo)


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