Electricity & Lust


Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Beth Squires on November 14, 2007


Heather Mills’ new publicist entertainingly has enlisted Mills’ hairdresser to address all those rumours / headlines. Genius.

Does anyone care about Shane, Mikey, Keith and the other two getting back together? To tour? Because we don’t.

Want to see in New Year’s Eve with Take That?!?!? Who wouldn’t??? They’re playing the O2 and ITV!

Are Gyllenspoon totally loved up? Seems so. But why do Zanessa always look so grumpy together. Sad.

Actor Chris Langham has been released from jail after judges found his sentence ‘overly harsh’.

Here’s some paintings by Bob Dylan, currently being exhibited in Germany.

Slate profiles to some environmentally friendly heavy metal fiends.

Garrison Keillor in praise of the mobile phoning device.

The New Yorker tributes Mailer yet more with some thoughts on novels as journalism.

Matt Damon is (drum roll…..) The Sexiest Man Alive!


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