Electricity & Lust

The World’s Fastest Linkian

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 16, 2007


 New picture of Rambo alert!!!

Pitchfork offers up a deeply-Pitchforked list of songs to make you happy.

Slate questions Barack Obama’s future.

The King of Shiny Things McG is signed on to make a fourth Terminator.

ZEFRON WATCH – not only is he playing a lot of basketball, he’s also contributing computers to schools… Ahhh.

The Guardian enters a plea for the Americans to give us back our actors!

Sarah Michelle Gellar is now Sarah Michelle Prinze…

The Wire, the officially joint greatest television show of all time, has a quick fifth season preview on YouTube.

Vote for the Plug Awards here. I’m all about Battles.

While it isn’t for her shocking acting, the Japanese do want to arrest Hayden Panetierre.

I’m going to this gig. It will rule.

Oooh them Spice Girls are back. And miming as obviously as ever. But looking GORGEOUS!


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