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Linkin In The Wind

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 20, 2007


In keeping with this I’m Not There pun-filled week, director of said biopic Todd Haynes speaks to The AV Club.

Slate talks about the effects of reading Susan Faludi.

PopMatters discusses the new Britpop box set and, just to keep our theming happy, reviews the soundtrack to I’m Not There.

Walter Shapiro interviews Barack Obama about his foreign policy on Salon.

Right here, you can have a look at George Clooney’s helmet.

Here’s The RHYD camping it up and going west.

It is now possible that Mike Huckabee could become the new president. (Not especially political link)

Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is interviewed here.

IGN is to offer up its 100 greatest games of all time.

One half of one of our favourite brit comedy duos, Alan Carr, talks about how he couldn’t be cool if he tried... bless.

The most important film of next year will not be waylaid by the writers’ strikes. Thank god.

Ooooh naughty Marc Bannerman. Bad jungle inmate. Don’t forget we’re all watching you…

Pop-puppetess Bjork is playing the UK in 2008. Get tickets from 9am on Thursday here.

Check out these amazing Vanity Fair photos featuring lots of stars as they used to be, hanging out with people you don’t expect. GORGEOUS!


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