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Stuck Inside a Mobile With the Memphis Links Again

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 21, 2007


Has fame gone to the head of MoveOn.org? Now it’s attacking Facebook.

Jennie Garth goes so Mel B is in the final of Dancing With The Stars.

Here’s the first image of the Spice Girls’ Cavalli-designed tour outfits!

The AV Club talks to Jennifer Jason Leigh and Crispin Glover.

Want to know what Oprah’s favourite things this year have been? Take a look… 

PopMatters has a review of a biography of the Chelsea Hotel (a Hotelography?)

Staff at Stylus suggest the movies of the noughties thus far.

The utterly magnificent and wonderful Mountain Goats have announced plans for their new record.

Another review of I’m Not There, this time from Slate.

Artrocker interviews the dirty/sexy/cool Duke Spirit.

Remember Dieter Brummer; Shane in Home & Away… who went out with Angel… who was played by Hollywood actress Melissa George? NO? Hmm. Anyway, he now works as a window cleaner. And has been arrested for drink-driving.

The Guardian offers an opinion on the Amazon Kindle e-book device.

The Office actress Angela Kinsey is expecting a baby! Lets hope this means a mini-Dwight onscreen…

How cute is Rachel Bilson? Very. 

And, to finish in true football hooligan stylee, – COME ON ENG-ER-LAND!


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