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Tangled Up In Link

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on November 25, 2007


We’ve finally got the joke with Flight of the Conchords and now, like The AV Club does right here, have to recommend it as a Christmas purchasio.

Modern displacement and isolation is tough, reports The Onion.

Vote for your favourite album of the year on Drowned in Sound.

The perils of rock banter, on Slate.

Salon discusses the newest work from lizard-worshipping comic genius Alan Moore.

It looks like Mrs Hulk Hogan is leaving her perma-tanned muscle man. Hulkamania is down one chica!

Sadder even that though is this from The New York Times.

The Guardian enters a debate stirring competition with a few records NOT to listen to before death comes a-knockin’.

Alec Baldwin reviews No Country For Old Men right here.

Is someone making weird faces at you? Don’t hit them, they’re probably just doing facial yoga…

Come join the Teamsugar… team. It’s fun!

Roll up, roll up! Come and get your Take That Beautiful World Tour Merchandise. WOO! But why are the men’s t-shirts so much cheaper than the women’s???! Bah.

Ah, The Electricity Showrooms… This is where I went on Friday night for some quality 80s tunes and a light-up dancefloor. Loved it!


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