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The Outlink Josey Wales

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 3, 2007


It’s time for a pun change and this week its… (drum roll) Westerns. In celebration of our going to visit the cineplexima to see The Assassination of Jesse James yada yada yada…

Comics Panel returns on The AV Club.

Someone explores Buffy in a scholarly manner, reviewed by PopMatters about hereish.

T.C Boyle donated a superb story to The New Yorker earlier this year. Here it is n’all.

New York Magazine discusses Gervais and Extras.

Tell you what, here’s another piece of short fiction, this time from Norman Mailer, in Esquire, in 1953.

Adrian Pasdar talks musicals with Entertainment Weekly.

Mark Wallinger has won the Turner Prize. Everyone loves a dude in a bear suit.

Cerys Matthews deserves a little bit of a telling off. The Guardian delivers on with its words.


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