Electricity & Lust

The Good, The Bad and The Uglink

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 4, 2007


PopMatters discusses Karaoke!!! Who loves Karaoke??? Everyone!!!

Will Zeppelin sing ‘Stairway’? Slate poses this very question.

Sasha Frere-Jones pays some serious tribute to uber-E&L favourite, Cat Power.

Check this clip from The Pineapple Express.

Very niche link here, for our buddy at Rate This Day, but Autechre is preparing the release of its new record.

The Wire Season Four is out on DVD in the US of A.

Sunset Rubdown does a session for Daytrotter.

Dexter could benefit from the writer’s strike. Here’s how.

These are Rolling Stone’s ten artists to watch for 2008.


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