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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 10, 2007


So this week, as everyone in the E&L castle has a Christmas party to go to, it’s Christmas party songs on the pun agenda.

The AV Club lists songs that should never be touched again and talks to bespectacled former-Semisonic boss hog, Dan Wilson.

PopMatters is beginning its year-end lists and starts with the year’s finest electronic long-players.

Some more fiction from The New Yorker, this time by the erratic but sometimes sublime Jonathan Lethem.

Christopher Hitchens suggests the abolition of the flipping CIA.

Boobs. Who’d have ’em? Salon investigates the rite-of-passage into purchasing the right size bra.

David Beckham is now modelling underwear for Armani. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before… 

Check out the trailer to new Will Ferrell loud-fest Semi-Pro which seems essentially be be Anchorman with basketball.

Love vintage clothing? Why not check out new site Vintage Secret, for all your unique clothing needs…

See the funny and lovely George Clooney and Brad Pitt in (almost) hot love action. You know you want it… 

With the revival of all things Nancy Drew, I’m so glad there’s books like this ‘Official Nancy Drew Handbook’ coming out so I can become a super-sleuth!

Ahhh, Drake Bell of Drake and Josh and actually quite good singing fame is currently doing some fab ads for Best Buy in the US. I laughed. Take a look below, and the rest of them are here…


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  1. Beth's Dad said, on December 11, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    Congratulations on 10,000 visitors!!

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