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We Don’t Think This Is A Good Thing…

Posted in Beth, TV by Beth Squires on December 12, 2007

But it could be compulsive viewing, coming to MTV in Feb 2008:


Grab your TV dinner from Iceland and take your phone off the hook, as MTV One takes you behind the headlines and into the home of our nation’s favourite northern lass, Kerry Katona.

In this no-holds-barred reality show, Kerry and new hubby Mark Croft take over the Osbournes’ mantle to offer a zany, off-the-wall insight into their entertaining and extraordinary lives. Following the young, loved-up couple from now until the birth of their fourth child in May, our cameras will follow Kerry as she launches her first novel and a brand new perfume. Alongside various other professional obligations and launches, Kerry and Mark will also be filmed as they attend court to fight their respective custody battles.

Disarmingly honest and one of life’s true survivors, ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry is no stranger to controversy. In the past few years she’s suffered a well- documented divorce, bouts of depression, stories of a turbulent childhood and family rifts a-plenty. In Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love, Kerry and Mark will lift the lid on life as a celebrity couple and will no doubt take the opportunity to answer some of their harshest critics.

Entertaining, heart-warming and warts-and-all, Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love promises to be must see television for 2008.

Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love launches Sunday, 17 February 2008 at 10pm only on MTV One.

Source: Heatworld.com


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  1. tashabebe said, on October 3, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    she is so silly for not realising that mark is just a twat thats taking the utter piss outta her eh, agreed?
    its ashame coz she really couldve had it all after winning im a celebrity a few year ago . aw well some ppl never get back to the way they were huh xoxo tash x check out my page x

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