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I Will Always Link You-ooo-oooh-oooh-a

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 15, 2007


Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum pays tribute to his favourite Joni Mitchell song.

Lucky woman Vanessa Paradis has a new album out, and she spends her life with Johnny Depp.  

The AV Club nominates the worst band names of the year while Keith Phipps holds up 1967 as the greatest cinematic year ever.

Reconfigure your Gaydar folks, you need to be looking for large big toes. (not a euphemism)

The OC’s Mischa Barton talks to The Times about her cameo role in new Brit film St Trinian’s.

Hugh MacLoed is allegedly Britain’s most successful Facebooker. However his personalised news has turned into a confusing babble. Maybe it’s not good to have too many friends on this social networking site, then?

US injustice first hand on Salon. Also a look at I Am Legend as perhaps the most meditative blockbuster ever.

JoBlo talks with Viggo Mortensen about Eastern Promises and David Cronenberg.

Entertainment Weekly holds up the twenty worst celebrity blogs.

Rolling Stone’s 100 songs of the year are here.

Stop Smiling has an interview with Isaac Brock.

A group of musicians Pitchfork knows list their favourite albums of the year.

High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale has a newly-sculpted nose ready for HSM3.

The first CD I was given was Stay Another Day by East 17 for Xmas along with my spangly upgrade-from-cassette-player CD hifi. To mark 13 years since that very Xmas, Maps has done a slightly spooky electronic cover, which you can download for free here from PopJustice.

Glorious! Britney has a new video out… this one’s for Piece Of Me.

HUDGE WATCH: It was Vanessa’s 19th Bday yesterday, and here’s how she spent her day!

Kim Deal talks about the new Breeders album! YAY!

Ahhh, the Beckhams take the kids ice skating in London’s Hyde Park.

Who and what does venomous columnist and Screen Burn presenter Charlie Brooker think should win awards at the close of this year?

Fast Ood Rockers have celebrated Kylie’s team up with Doctor Who with this song that’s taking the ‘net by storm.  Caitlin Moran charts the path that has led to the popstrel’s role in the hit BBC series, in this interesting in-depth article.


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