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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 16, 2007


Who is the least clean of the celebrity males? PopSugar wants to know.

Slate has the top singles of 2007. The first one, is so true.

New York Magazine’s Culture Awards for the year takes in movies.

The Telegraph has a whole host of lists up.

The Independent shares its favourite music books of the year.

Bill Maher chooses his dick-heads of the year for Rolling Stone.

Premiere picks out thirteen despicably blasphemous movies. You should make an effort to see some of them.

On the subject of religion, check out this guy in Newsweek.

That’s about it. Hmmm… Not too much really. I’ll take this opportunity to tell you all about the upcoming selection of lists we will be publishing in the run up to 2008.

You can look forward to the best of music, films, books, comics, television, celebrities and a whole host of bits and pieces in between. It will be starting up next week so look out for that.

Thank you. I leave you with a fan made video for The Hold Steady, a major feature of the musical year-end list on hear.



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