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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 17, 2007


The AV Club notes movies which use violence to bring festiveness to one and all.

PopMatters reveals its favourite albums of 2007.

Albums of the year too from a few critical luminaries on Slate.

Led Zeppelin returned and Sasha offers an opinion.

Pamela Anderson is getting divorced. Again. After only 72 days. From a person whose only claim to fame is that he has video evidence that he schtupped (‘schtupped’? – Beth) Paris Hilton. Which is not something to be proud of. PopSugar, take over Oh. Or are they actually divorcing after all?... Everything changes so quickly!

A little bit of Milo for you? Entertainment Weekly delivers.

John Krasinski and George Clooney. In one movie. “Orgasmic,” says Tom.

Chris DeBurgh is to make history in Iran. Haven’t the West pissed them off enough?

PopJustice has been rendered speechless by Leon winning The X Factor.

Prepare never to eat a Cadbury’s Flake again. Joss Stone is the new face of them.. Hmm.


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