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Rudolph the Link Nosed Reindeer

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 18, 2007


Worst films of 2007? The AV Club abides.

Pitchfork lists items as follows: AlbumsAlbums of each criticSongsSongs of each critic. Phew.

Anthony Lane reviews Sweeney Todd, Charlie Wilson’s War and Persepolis.

Iowa nears, and Salon discusses the Democratic candidates.

Revel in the wisdom of Michael J Fox in Esquire.

Was the Rhyd robbed? Darn tootin’.

PopCandy’s ten favourite TV shows of the year. Whitney’s also counting down her people of the year… check them out so far and see if you agree.

Uh Oh, Amy Winehouse was arrested at around 5pm this evening in Shoreditch, apparently something to do with her husband’s arrest.

Check out the trailer for Will Smith’s post-I Am Legend movie, Hancock at Buzzsugar… it looks ace!

Back from the madness of the Oxford Circus TopShop and exhausted? Imagine how the staff feel – the Times goes behind the scenes in a fascinating article.


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