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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas all!! We had a mixed time with both of us a little under the weather but you know, it’s Christmas and we loved it anyway.

The next few days will see a number of lists appearing on the site, relating to a number of things we have enjoyed this year including Music, Films, Books, other stuff, maguffins and wotsits. You will enjoy so stay tuned Batfans!

So, was 1994 the best ever year for movies? The AV Club also LOVED There Will Be Blood.

Meanwhile, Slate pays respect to Paul Thomas Anderson’s achievement with said movie.

Spinner names its 25 songs of the year.

Patti Smith presenting blogs about Dylan? Thank you so much PopCandy.

The Phoenix throws down a list of the least sexy folks to grace 2007.

For some Christmas loveliness to soothe your Michael Cera love, check his wonderful online sitcom.

Stephanie Zacharak lists her favourite movies of the year.

Entertainment Weekly lists the best DVDs of the year.

One for Beth here. A tribute to Steps.


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