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Beth’s Top TV Shows 07

Posted in Beth, end of year lists, TV by Beth Squires on January 6, 2008


I’ve really enjoyed TV this year… there’s been some really great shows amongst a bunch of drivel. But what were my Top TV shows? Granted, one of them may have not been aired on TV this year, but they’re all shows that I have watched. Check them out below the cut…

10: Damages

Unlike US viewers, I haven’t finishes watching this first season of the Glenn Close-led drama. It’s mysterious, with mini-twists in every episode meaning that you never really trust anyone in the series. Rose Byrne, everyone’s favourite underdog Tate Donovan, Ted Danson and the male lead in the All Saints movie Honest, Peter Facinelli, costar in this weaving legal thriller. Finding out how Rose Byrne ended up running out of Close’s apartment covered in blood has become something of a fascination for me, I just hope the finale is as good as the first episode – although apparently it’s been picked up for 2 more seasons so it should be.

9: Flight Of The Conchords

New Zealanders in New York. Singing, dancing, costumes and surreal situations have made this programme slowly warm my heart… I watched the first few episodes smiling slightly. And then found myself in Tescos in a completely unrelated situation, laughing uncontrollably at something that had happened in the previous episode. Bizarre. And so I watched a few more shows and really started to enjoy it, the adventures of Jermaine, Bret and their hilarious manager Murray just keeps me giggling now. A deserved number 9 – maybe it will go up in my estimations next series!

8: The Wire

Okay. I’m a latecomer to this Baltimore-set crime series. I’m barely halfway through the first season… Sam’s been bugging me to watch it for ages and ages… but it just didn’t appeal. If you hadn’t noticed, I like light-hearted moments amongst all the angst, and in The Wire there’s very few smiley faces, that’s for sure. But one Sunday I decided to sit down and watch it, figuring that if Sam loves it all that much (and critics everywhere seem to rave about it) I should give it a go. And I slowly warmed to it… I love all the different angles and characters that the show follows. The acting is excellent, the cinematography is superb and I’m looking forward to the outcome of the investigations… I’ll try and catch up. I don’t worship it yet… but who knows what will happen in the future?

7: Pushing Daisies

Ahhhhh. I love everything about this show, my only worry is how they’re going to keep up the good work when the ‘mystery of the week’ thing gets a little old. We need more over-arcing storylines, and then the show will be even better. The tale of a piemaker and his childhood sweetheart, who he brings back to life (not to mention the hilariously grumpy private investigator who finds out about the piemaker’s mystical gift and uses him to make some cash, and the kooky waitress in love with the piemaker) is adorable and funny in turns.  The sets are gorgeous, the colours are vibrant and Anna Friel’s in it! You know, from Brookie and those Pantene Pro-V adverts on the telly! Highly recommended!

=6: Lost

You know what to expect from Lost. And this season it was business as usual. Okay opening episodes, all went a little flat in the middle, and then the ending makes up for it. WAY up for it. The new information that we got in that last episode made me shiver, it was so exciting and unexpected! I wish some of the characters that were killed hadn’t been, but it was all worth it really, for the ending. I look forward to seeing how this changes things next series! Woo!

 =6: Gossip Girl 

It had a bad start. So shallow and a distinct lack of humour made me not like this show too much at the beginning. But then… well, it was another one that grew on me.  The clothes are gorgeous- it’s a definite contender with SATC for fashion choices, well female ones anyway. Chuck, the evil rich boy who schemes and lies for fun, has the most hilarious and entertaining wardrobe around; Sam and I really laugh at some of the things he wears, and I think it’s all done in a tongue in cheek way – which I love. Dan and Serena’s love match is getting more interesting by the week, and seeing the kid from The Grinch all dressed up like a teen gets weirdness points! The main point is that there’s some humour kicking around now, and as I’ve gotten to know the characters, well, I still don’t really like them, but I enjoy the show. It’s replacing the The OC gap that was needing to be filled…

5: Skins

I used to enjoy As If, the British teen TV show from a few years ago. It was poorly acted in places, but it was fun and quirky and a little odd, with a stonking soundtrack. It even inspired McFly’s Five Colours in Her Hair. TUNE! Anyway, Skins is everything that As If had, cranked up to 11. Sex, drugs, affairs with teachers, boredom, school trips, anorexia, possible death… teenage angst at its finest. Compare America’s popular view of teen life High School Musical with that of their Brit counterparts in Skins and you won’t find a greater divide. The romance between Sid and Cassie is heartbreaking and lovely, Tony… well, all I can say is ‘grrrrrr’, Chris is so lovely despite his MANY problems, and the soundtrack is one of the reasons The Gossip’s Standing In The Way Of Control was SO massive for so long. The ending of the final episode of Season One is, in my opinion, one of the best endings of any British TV show I have seen. And so I’m posting it below… so original and heartwarming right at the end. I’m looking forward to Season Two, coming soon…


4: Dirty Sexy Money

My surprise hit of 2007. I watched the first episode and quite enjoyed it, but then didn’t watch anymore until a couple of months later… when I discovered how funny it was. The characters are all messed up, and all the funnier because of it. Donald Sutherland is brilliant as the head of the uber-rich Darling family, who we’re introduced to by Peter Krause, taking over as the family’s lawyer after his Dad dies in a helicopter crash. The young Paris Hilton/Cisco Adler-esque twins are the source of much amusement, as is Karen Darling who is desperately in love with Krause’s married character, and slightly off her rocker. Priest Brian is bitterly amusing, especially when he makes his illegitimate son pretend to be a foreign orphan to his wife and other children…

3: The Mighty Boosh

Just mention this show and I smile. It’s hilarious, and so bizarre. Series 3 was over too quickly for my liking – this time set in a shop, Nabootique, where Howard and Vince are working.  This collection of 8 episodes saw their best acting yet, with each of them taking on the requisite extra characters that make it even funnier.  There was a memorable (and lovely) kiss between Howard and Vince, and at one point they were shockingly and blatantly copied by a couple of guys who are better at being Howard and Vince than they are. Horror! So Howard and Vince challenge them to a ‘crimp off’, which basically consists of improvising fast-paced lyrics at the same time.

2: The OC

The final series, missing the worst thing about previous seasons (bar her crying and dying), Marissa. So for Season 4, The OC went insane. Seriously off its rocker. And it was all the funnier for it… Taylor Townsend became a favourite character of mine, with her French poet husband and her crazy tendencies. Summer and Seth had their share of problems, but married in the gorgeous montage at the end. Kristen and Sandy (aka the world’s most perfect husband and wife team) had another child, and the Cohens eventually moved to Berkeley, where they kicked a Wedding Planner and Midwife out of their house, so that they could have it. Brilliant. Other highlights included Seth’s spiritual journey with Che, Kaitlin Cooper coming into her own, Julie scheming more than usual, and Hercules himself (Kevin Sorbo) being recognised as having fathered Ryan. I miss it. Lots…

1: The Office  

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said about this show. It’s the most consistently funny, touching, and entertaining programme on TV right now. Steve Carell is superb as boss Michael, the promotion of intern Ryan over him has created brilliant dynamics this season, and the Jim and Pam relationship is adorable. As is the Dwight / Angela one… but for other reasons! The addition of Ed Helms to the cast has been well worth it, his song (Abba’s Take A Chance) to Angela with friends backing him up on phones was a fab moment. Love. This. Show.

Also enjoyable: The Daily Show,  Stuart: A Life Backwards, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Kath & Kim, Russell Brand’s Ponderland, Sex In Court, The Soup, Take That’s New Years Eve Spectacular, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here NOW, TMi, Weeds….


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  1. dylan555 said, on January 7, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Lots of HBO shows up there, have you tried Big Love? It’s really interesting and well done.

  2. Sean P said, on January 7, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    I would have to agree with most of the shows listed up there. However, the OC has gone down hill since Marissa left. Im not saying that she herself was the reason that the show went down hill, but the writing made me want to puke near the end. The only good part was in the series finale when Ryan is working and sees a kid that was in his position. Flight of the Conchords is awesome and should be higher on the list (if this list is going in decscending order) AND Although i like Gossip Girl, i think Lost is a better show,

  3. The Mighty Boosh said, on January 18, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    I love the Mighty Boosh, really hilarious. If you cant wait for series 3 to come out on DVD then you can see it online, at this site


    They have all the episodes from series 1 to 3 in flash, genius! Hope you find this useful, I kind of got annoyed with just watch the little clips here it makes a lot more sense if you watch it by the episode.

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