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New Feature: Diggin

Posted in books, comics, diggin, film, Music, Sam, TV by Sam Unsted on January 8, 2008

Yes indeed, it’s come time for a few regular feature ideas to be trialled on the service. There will be more coming, mostly conventional stuff (reviews, opinion columns etc.)

So Diggin, which is very much a working title for this, is to be a really short interview piece on which we will talk to fellow bloggers, friends and anyone else who’d like to be involved. It will ask really one simple question and take it across three categories.

The question is:

What are you diggin right now? So this works across the lot. Just really a case of listing and elaborating on the choices made. You can pick any music you like at all, no restrictions on EPs, live stuff, unreleased stuff etc. Same with movies and TV from which you can glean choices from both categories. Same with books and comics. You are at no obligation to answer both however.

That’s about it. To kick it off for you though, we’ll make a quick example feature. In fact, I will ask the question to myself which will do nothing for my sanity. This though will occur on about a fortnightly basis to give you guys little updates as to what me and Beth are loving at this time. For my first, take the jump.

What are you diggin right now, Sam from Electricity & Lust?

Music: As always, there is a whole host of acts I’m loving at the moment. Album-wise, Panda Bear has caught hold of me and refuses to put me back down. Person Pitch though is just beguiling, wonderful and shockingly beautiful. Also for albums, I’ve rekindled my love for Elliott Smith, Radiohead on CD is better and Drum by Hugo Largo is defining lost classic. For songs, the KEXP podcast by Mono in VCF is great. Also, Girl in a Coma are a rocking little group. Also, worth checking out are Miracle Fortress, Black Kids and Noah & the Whale. Also my housemate John, who will hopefully fill in one of these soon, made a superb piece of evocative, filmic music yesterday. His work can be checked out here.

Film/TV: So The Wire has started again and has lost none of its engrossing brilliance. Best show ever. No Country For Old Men is being previewed over here on Saturday and I loved Gone Baby Gone and Paranoid Park. Other TV shows I must recommend are Mad Men which has perfect tone and Damages which is convoluted, intruiging fun.

Books/Comics: I’m currently reading The Black Dahlia which is just intense, gruelling brilliance. My main recommendation from the last few months goes to Daniel Woodrell who wrote the low-key, familial thriller Winter’s Bone last year. Fabulous stuff. I’m also reading Alison Bechdel’s fantastic Fun Home which, if you haven’t read and enjoy memoirs in comic form, you should get one that one right now.

Anything else: I’m am loving Italian beer at the moment and also the multitude of writing jobs coming up for me to try and get. I’m also looking forward to taking part in some interior design as Betty moves into telecommuting for her new job.


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