Electricity & Lust

Rosalinka (Come Out Tonight)

Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on January 9, 2008


Anthony Bourdain talks to The AV Club

PopMatters lists its top acting performances of 2007 from women and men.

Emily Bazelon explores why Hillary may have turned round ze women.

The New Yorker explores all things Scientological.

Jon Stewart versus Stephen Colbert. Salon calls it.

Fight Club as a musical?

Dexter to be aired on regular TV?

Kimya Dawson discusses her contributions to the Juno soundtrack.

Amy Winehouse has embraced the lighter side of life…

I am officially in love with THIS t-shirt – cliche evil super-villians abound!

How would Law & Order: Criminal Intent work without writers?Not well, it seems…

“I think someone hit her with this thing… it’s glass… it’s very heavy…”

Thank goodness for Chris Noth.


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