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Golden Globe Competition Winner and BAFTA discussion

Posted in Actors & Actresses, BAFTAs, film, Golden Globes, Movies, Sam by Sam Unsted on January 16, 2008

So I won the Golden Globe competition. It was a strong victory, having to come from behind after losing the TV round in what must have been among the least successful crystal balling we’ve ever done. So, small victories in mind, Tom won the TV round by getting two right to Betty and Me’s one each. But I managed to triumph in the film round, slamming home a cool eight against Tom’s six and Betty’s four. Just for the record, I get nothing for my visionary genius.

The folks nominated for the BAFTAs though stand a chance of having a nice heavy model of a mask to chuck on their mantlepiece. The nominations are fairly strong, if somewhat predictable as to the nominee champion. Atonement racked up fourteen for being both good, big and British and for starring McAvoy and Knightley. I now must make time to see it. The lack of nods for Sweeney Todd was known prior due to laziness in posting but the major snub for me has to be nothing for Casey Affleck in Assassination of Jesse James nor a best actor nod for Thomas Turgoose in This Is England. Travesties both.

So initial predictions, you say? I would guess Atonement will do well although McAvoy will lose out again, this time to Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. Knightley could win but I’m rooting for Julie Christie or Ellen Page. Don’t be surprised to see Greengrass nab best director from under the nose of Paul Thomas Anderson and Joe Wright. Should Atonement sweep though, that gong will be amongst its haul.

Javier Bardem is a shoe for the supporting actor as is Blanchett for the equivalent actress trophy. Adapted screenplay to The Coens or Chris Hampton for Atonement. Original a two-way tie between The Lives of Others and Juno. Lives of Others for best foreign film and a possible dark horse for the whole awards.

Otherwise expect it to go just like you expect it to go. Atonement will win a fair old number and be set for Oscar challenging while the two to watch will be No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood as dark horses. Also keep an eye on upset-champ The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, a GG winner and apparently quite beguilingly wonderful movie.

Happy waiting-for-BAFTA time!

Full BAFTA nominations here.


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