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Posted in Beth, Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on January 20, 2008


The AV Club comics panel can’t make it’s mind up on Jeph Loeb.

SubPop has a download from Kelley Stoltz. Download ‘Your Reverie’ from here.

PopMatters attempts to outdo me with its Oscar predictions.

Always wanted to see Heath Ledger dressed as a clown? Well, JustJared is here to make you happy! 

The Guardian has an interview with bulb-headed new journalism pioneer Tom Wolfe.

Deborah Sontag writes a piece for The New York Times about an Iraq vet who committed murder.

More Iraq-related material with this profile of Nick Broomfield in The Independent.

New in the Britney / Adnan soap opera, she has a restraining order against him…

Zefron and the Hudge have been out and about this weekend together, still seeming very much an item. But will they make it must past HSM3? What do you reckon?

Sarah Michelle Prinze / Gellar is looking gorgeous in the new issue of Parade magazine.

The Daily Mail showcases one of the many reasons we all love the down-to-earth James McAvoy.

A new Disney cartoon series starring Ashley Tisdale has recruited 3 stars of The Rocky Horror Picture Show… joining the cast of Phineas And Ferb are Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick! Granted, the voicing is probably all done at different times in different places, but still. Fabulous!

Is Scarlett Johansson singing at The Brits? There are rumours…


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  1. Britney Spears Lover said, on March 28, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    I’m glad that Britney has a restraining order on Adnan. That’s probably one of the best decisions that she’s made in a long time!

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