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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 1, 2008

The AV Club holds it’s third annual film poll.

We love Ellen Page here and indeed, it seems The Guardian has also fallen pray to her cheeky charms.

I also love rotund Spanish genius Guillermo Del Toro and he has been linked to yet more projects.

Now I know you’re all sat there wondering, ‘what will Slate writers be reading this winter?’ Well folks, by clicking on the highlighted portion of this very sentence, you can instantly find out.

PopMatters also picks out some books, this time the finest they experienced throughout the previous twelve month period we oh so love to know as a year.

Microsoft has bid $44.6bn for Yahoo. Which seems like quite a lot doesn’t it? Isn’t Yahoo rubbish now? Hmm…

Entertainment Weekly selects a few choice action movie one liners. To be honest, it’s a little rubbish because not once is Arnie noted for his Commando, Running Man or Batman and Robin work. Poor show EW, poor show.

To background this, Jimmy Kimmel had a running joke on his show about inviting on Matt Damon and then running out of time. Probably the funniest gags ever done involving that fat lump of idiocy. Until now, although this doesn’t really involve him. This one is all about Sarah Silverman, Matt Damon and coming clean. Enjoy.

Here’s a very good list of the twenty meanest love songs. Despite this, REM’s ‘One I Love’ used to be among the most played songs at weddings despite being an exploration of love as a throwaway commodity. People are great.

M Ward discusses his working with doe-eyed indie siren Zooey Deschanel on a very anticipated album for E&L.

Newsweek is calling for finality to come to the Oscars. I agree, it’s time to put that golden fool down once and for all.

Cracked.com theorises on what might get nominated for the Oscars next year if the strike fails to be resolved. A couple of them sound great.

Lupe, Lil Wayne, MadLib; all good practitioners in the hip hop game. Better though, Bill Cosby.

The Washington Post adds its name to the list of publications which loved 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.

Barack versus Hillary played out calmly with no blows truly landed. The International Herald Tribune discusses.

Here’s a clip of Les Savy Fav playing ‘Patty Lee’ on Conan. They rule.

Josh Hartnett in a martial arts movie, you say? Tell me more.

Milk, Gus Van Sant’s new movie about Harvey Milk, is looking very cool and CHUD has some pics of Emile Hirsch sporting a wig for his role.

Marc Jacobs, Betty’s fashion Jesus, played out an homage to himself in NY last night.

Deerhunter and the Black Lips have had their respective frontmen unite to deliver collaborative tuneage.


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