Electricity & Lust

Link Hurts

Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 2, 2008

Punk god and motormouth champion of the people Henry Rollins talks to The Guardian.

PopSugar asks a very pertinent question: Is Katherine Heigl really the most desirable of all the fair maidens in the land?

A favour to all as those most Spicey of Girls cancel some dates.

I keep on hearing about this book so I thought I should pass on some of the hype.

Francois Vincent takes his chance on McSweeney’s to recast articles from Maxim into sociological studies.

Slate asks when America will embrace the genius of Pingu.

Cracked.com has a list of the worst ever half-time performers at the Super Bowl.

The Independent, always so quick to leap upon a rumour, thinks Daniel Day Lewis might win an Oscar…

USA Today is looking forward to eight movies that this link will list for you.

Harp is loving the new folky Goldfrapp.

Many are excited about the xBox 360 release for Rez 3D.


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