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Posted in Links, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 14, 2008

Oh my GOD!!! PopSugar UK launched yesterday and it is UK-tastic!!!!! Look and see.

Here’s the Valentine’s Day AV Club Comics Panel.

The Guardian film podcast celebrates the genius of This Is England.

Thom Yorke DJ’d on NPR yesterday. Stream that mutha right here.

Spinner has a new joint from The B-52s.

The Indiana Jones trailer has arrived.

Mary-Louise Parker may be engaged…

An actor’s strike? Come on! For flip’s sake.

Why is Mike Huckabee still running? Salon investigates a lost cause.

Could Obama take the Catholic vote if he gets the nomination? Let’s get him there and find out America!

But more important that all of this is that it’s Bethy’s Birthday!!!! She’s in San Francisco at the moment (back on Saturday!!!) but we should all send our nicest possible wishes to her as she is quite wonderful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Michael said, on February 18, 2008 at 1:24 am

    I already feel let down by the new Indy movie…

    But I will be one of the first to see it!

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