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Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

Posted in Actors & Actresses, Awards, oscars, Sam by Sam Unsted on February 18, 2008

Adapted Nominees: No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Atonement, The Diving Bell and the Butterly, Away From Her

So Sarah Polley is likely a no hoper in this one even though her adaptation of the Alice Munro short story is pitch perfect. It all depends on what exactly this is judged on. Is it judged on which is the best overall screenplay or which one best captures the essence of its source material?
In that sense, No Country For Old Men is by some distance the best adaptation, being as it is very faithful to the book while still managing to have a Coen’s stamp all over it. The Diving Bell too captures the essence of the novel and Atonement does an admirable job of adapting a book which uses a number of tricky, specifically literary devices.
There Will Be Blood isn’t really an adaptation, more it takes inspiration from Upton Sinclair’s novel and weaves its own patterns around the philosophy.

Who Will Win: No Country For Old Men

Who Should Win: No Country For Old Men or The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Dark Horse: Away From Her

Original Nominees: Juno, Michael Clayton, Ratatouille, The Savages, Lars and the Real Girl

So I’ll pretty much shove me money on the table and say that Diablo Cody will take this one. Juno’s script crackles with intelligence and a cheeky wit that the cast revel in. It thoroughly deserves what will likely be its only triumph of the night.
The Savages and Lars and the Real Girl are no hopers almost, I would perhaps give The Savages a minor, very outside chance if the judges were feeling particularly interested in mean folk. Michael Clayton and Ratatouille could both easily nip in but Clayton is probably lacking in too many really great lines, relying a little too much on quiet set-pieces and dense plotting. It would still be quite a worthy winner though. Ratatouille though would be an extremely deserving winner, although the triumph probably comes more in the quality of direction than directly from the script.

Who Will Win: Juno

Who Should Win: Juno

Dark Horse: The Savages


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